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27-04-09, 09:30
By FRED ATTEWILL - Monday, April 27, 2009
Samat Hasan claimed the tightrope walking record with his 700m high feat
Tightrope walking hundreds of metres up in the air without a harness not enough of a challenge? Then why not throw a 39° slope into the mix?
That's what stuntman Samat Hasan took on when he walked his way into the record books at the weekend.

The 24-year-old climbed 700m (2,300ft) along the high wire across a valley in China's Hunan province.

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With the cable just 3cm (1.2in) wide, the performer wore specialised rubber boots to ensure he didn't lose his grip but everything else was down to balance.

Mr Hasan hails from the Xinjiang region of China, where high wire walking is a traditional acrobatic art.

He attempted the 'uphill' feat last October but was unable to break the aerial tightrope walking record.

However, he can now take his place among other Chinese high wire legends, including 'king of the sky' Ahdili, who once stood on a cable for 22 consecutive days.

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