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08-04-09, 15:40
Wednesday, April 8, 2009
LECTURE- TODAY: "Mortuary Architecture of the Uighur", Tserendorj ODBATAAR, Apr. 8
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LECTURE- TODAY: "Mortuary Architecture of the Uighur", Ts. ODBATAAR, Apr 8

Posted by: Inner Asian and Altaic Studies <iaas@fas.harvard.edu>

Sorry to send this so late, but we thought it worthwhile to send along
in case anyone is interested and able to attend.

The East Asian Archaeology Seminar Presents:

Tserendorj ODBATAAR (National Museum of Mongolian History, Ulaan Baatar)

"Mortuary Architecture of the Uighur"

Wednesday, April 8th, 5 pm
Peabody Museum, Room 14A

Sponsored by the Asia Center, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
Department of Anthropology, Department of East Asian Languages and