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27-10-04, 11:01
In a delegation the Red Cross Society of China visited Canada a Xinjiang nationality member leaves the ranks to seek the refugee identity. Canada Red Cross yesterday only willing to confirm this member was missing. and already reported to the police.
The world daily paper reported that, yesterday,Canadian Red Cross Toronto branch's spokesperson David ©v Pamela Davie ©w expressed to the world daily paper what the aspect of present Red Cross know was this member is missing.
the Red Cross already reported to the proper authorities . When She is inquired about the proper authorities are "the police" or not. David replied "Yes". David is not willing to disclose about other details. David also expressed the day before yesterday evening only then knows this news.

It is said that the member which the team seeks the refugee identity is Xinjiang nationality member Acbar©o this year over 30 years old. He graduated the Xinjiang University foreign language and majors in English. After he graduated the school he works in the Red Cross. his wife still at China. He hopes the Chinese government to handle his wife kindly.

The Canadian Uighur association says after Acbar and the association's contact association's people lead him. and wanted Acbar after understanding the Canadian situation and willing to escape the team. Former Canadian Red Cross Ontario Province branch association president Tao Chia only then thought the team member escapes the team is the individual phenomenon ©o believed cannot affect China and Canada Red Cross's exchange. The Red Cross Society of China delegation for visits Canada. original today to return to China for the first time from Ottawa.

It is not precise translation

29-10-04, 10:10
Are there anyone who know about this matter much more?
I can't find any article about it written in English on the web.