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17-01-09, 13:28
I would like to hear your suggestion if I should try to publish this on other websites. I would appreciate your input on the content as well. I may not use my actual name if I publish. You never can be too careful.

The Blind Eye of the Prophet

Recently a movie clip from a popular TV show produced and broadcasted by China’s biggest and most watched network ,China Central TV, which is owned by the government, is passing around on the internet and causing quite a stir among Muslims in China. The movie clip contained at the following link features a picture of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in which he was depicted one eye blind.

Growing up in China, I was not taught Islamic history or anything remotely Islamic at schools. Everything I learned about religion came from my parents. That did not include Prophet Muhammad’s physical appearance. Therefore, I do not know if this picture was based on historical fact. Searching the Internet has not revealed anything on this. But, I do know that drawing and showing his picture is a taboo in Islam. Therefore, even if the picture reflected the historical fact, it is offensive by itself. I have seen movies about his life made in the West that respected this religious custom and never showed his image, featuring only his voice in the movie.

Being a member of the Uyghur Muslims from the Chinese-occupied East Turkistan, I am also offended by the picture like my fellow Uyghurs. Unfortunately, opinions of my people do not count in China. So, I decided to pass it around to Muslims outside of China. I know there is nothing new about this kind of derogatory attitude towards Islam in China. After all it is the same country that has been demonizing Islam or any religion for that matter for the past six decades, stating that Islam is an outdated and backward religion that poisons people’s minds. I have had first hand experience of China’s immunizing and detoxifying campaigns. Of course, the person who laid the seeds of that “poison” cannot be depicted in a respectful manner. But I always assumed that the Muslim world’s silent on China was due to China’s relative isolation from the Muslim world.

But, today China is no longer an isolated country as it once was. There are tens of thousands of Middle Eastern Muslims in China who work for the embassies and other Muslim interests, many of whom speak fluent Chinese. There are thousands of Muslim foreign students at Chinese universities who speak fluent Chinese. It would be hard to imagine none of them tunes into the biggest TV network in China or pokes around Chinese websites. However, they deserve the benefit of doubt. So, I forwarded the video clip to several Muslim organizations and news outlets, posted news alerts on several popular Muslim Internet discussion forums, and cross-posted the link at numerous Youtube discussion trails. With the fresh memory of the Muslim world’s uproars over the Danish cartoons, I expected some sort of reaction from them. However, almost a month has passed, I have not seen any response whatsoever from any one, not even on forums that allow anonymous postings. It is clear that their silence on China is not an accident. That is a little hard for me to accept, because my people see themselves as part of the world Muslim community and that affiliation has been used against them by the Chinese who took advantage of the false Muslim stereotypes that was created largely, however unfair and wrong it is, based on people’s impression of Muslims from the Middle East to portray my people’s struggle for freedom as “terrorism” to deceive the international community. Therefore, I always feel they have a moral responsibility to respond to the Chinese practice. I am okay if they do not reciprocate the affinity of my people, but I have hard time to understand that they were not willing to say even a word when the China’s biggest TV network, a government owned propaganda apparatus, depicted the Prophet in such a disrespectful manner.

Imagine if the picture were shown on the TV in the West. I am sure there would be plenty of noise even though TV networks typically are not owned by governments and do not represent governments’ point of views. I have been trying hard to understand this double standard. Then lately I have suddenly realized that the Danish cartoon was not about the Prophet himself, rather was about his followers of today. After all, bomb was not invented yet during his times. I am a little ashamed that it took me so long to get this. Growing up in an isolated communist country, I sometimes have difficulty understanding symbolism and connecting the dots. Now I have finally understood that the picture of the one-eye blind Prophet is not about him either. By accident, the Chinese got it quite right actually. The Prophet’s one eye is indeed blind. We now know which eye he uses when he looks at China. I guess the Chinese know a thing a two that we do not. No wonder then the Muslim world has a high regard for China.

17-01-09, 14:47
As I am involved in traditional Turkish and Uyghur and Islamic arts ,it is common global knowledge that Turkish,Uyghur and Islamic miniature paintings show the prophet with veil
so there are not any photographic interpretations as in prophet Jesus.

When I had asked Uyghur painter Prof.Ghazi Ahmed about the accuracy of Yusuf Has Hajib and Kashgarian Mahmud in his paintings,he had said there were very descriptive data left behind.

If we regard a film in terms of art ,then the director may choose topics and show images
freely but what counts is the interpretation and effect on and the fine taste of the audience.

The Islamic world is blind to what is happening
right in front of their eyes and in the core of the Islamic world,

so to draw their attention to a distant part of the islamic mosaic

would be very wise indeed,

but the blindness of prophet Muhammed in a Chinese movie

would not be enough ,to pull the trigger.

If the arrow left the bow by spreading the news,

the sequence will invite consequences,

and we may end up using our credibility credit among the world nations.

In an age where peoples attentions are diverted and manipulated,
some things may not draw the hoped for results.

If Uyghurs are the guardians of Islamic faith (in China and the world)
then we (they) could draw the global attention,

by being examplary ,highly moralled,intellectual, civilized and faithfull beings.

Let us come with constructive ideas in the year 2009,

a contemporary Uyghur islamic thought and behavioural pattern,

which can be a model for the rest of the todays Islamic world.....

After all , Uyghur mothers have ONCE given birth to Buhari,Ali Şir,Mevlana...

In my opinion there should be no place for enmity in Islamic faith,

because Allah wants peace among his creation .


if you send a complaint to the islamic world in the name of Uygurs,
think twice or 8 times as the Uyghur tailors do !(before they cut the material)

let the Uyghurs be known for their intellectual and scientific,academic
contributions to the global society,
not with trivial stuff.

I personally am very concerned and involved in the Uyghur image
among the world nations in terms of art and history.