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20-07-05, 12:51
Doctor of Science(male) seeks a high qualified Uyghur(female) for serious relationship

I just finished my Ph.D. studies, and started looking for possibilities to create my own "sweet-home". If you meet my following requirements, please feel free to reply this message ONLY in English.

=========I am looking for================
Sex: female
Age: 24-29
Height: 165 -180 cm
Weight: 45 -65 kg
Education: M.A. or M.S. or at least 17 years of education
Nationality: ethnic Uyghur who has strong cultural background
Residing country: Canada(preference) or USA
Languages: Uyghur, English (or plus)
Marital status: never married
Want to have children: Yes, at least one.
Smoking: No
Body style: healthy
Personality: Honored to be an Uyghur, open minded, intelligent, polite, loyal, romantic etc.

My profile:
Sex: male
Age: 29
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Education: Ph.D.
Nationality: ethnic Uyghur
Residing country: Canada
Languages: Uyghur, both official languages of Canada, Chinese and some Turkish
Want to have children: Yes, at least one.
Smoking: No
Body style: athletic, healthy
Personality: Same as I required
Income: Prefer not to say.
E_mail: uyghurbachelor@yahoo.com

I will NOT answer to any question, concerning my privacy, on this forum. More information can be also be obtained via Skype or any anonymous voice chat media.

This is a serious post, NO [silly] JOKES please.

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