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14-07-05, 11:51
US Pressure on Tashkent Increases
By Mirza Cetinkaya
Published: Thursday July 14, 2005

The US has applied its first sanction against the Tashkent administration after relations turned soured following the Andijan unrest in Uzbekistan.

The Bank of New York closed credit channels to Uzbekistan and the White House increased pressure to open an independent international investigation regarding the unrest. The Bank of New York Thursday ended its $55 million credit, provided in 2002 for Uzbekistan's foreign economic activities, two months after the Andijan incidents. US administration spokespersons also reiterated the necessity of the clarification of the Andijan incidents. The developments following the Uzbek restriction on the US base and the United Nations (UN) report on violations of human rights drew attention. The UN report accused the Tashkent administration of human rights violations. Uzbekistan stated the number of dead as 187 people including 94 "terrorists", during the unrest in the Uzbek city while unofficial sources put the figure at about 500-1,000. The Western countries ask for an independent international committee to investigate the incidents, but Uzbekistan, supported by Russia and China on the issue, opposes the idea.