View Full Version : The request of rfa's uyghur service listeners in turkey

S. Tumturk
08-01-09, 11:50
"Dear Sir/ Madam,
Attached is the letter of Uyghur refugees in Turkey with nearly 300
signatures about Omer Kanat and his dismissal from RFA Uyghur Service"

The news about Omer Kanat's case broke out on Monday in Turkey and caused a
huge shock among Uyghur community . The discussion boards
filled with messages of disappointment and protest. We are extremely upset
about this decision. Omer Kanat has been the best and the most important
reporter in Uyghur community and has covered the most important stories for
a long time. His network, experience and skills has made him the most
trusted reporter in this service. He is the only journalist who broadcasted
from Iraq and Afghanistan and and let Uyghur community to hear these stories
in Uyghur language for the first time in its history. His interviews with
Hasan Mahsum, Xerali and other refugees in Turkey were widely covered both
in Turkish, Central Asian and European media. This decision of RFA not only
caused huge disappointment but also in the long run will result with loss of
credibility, source as well as audience for RFA Uyghur Service. The members
of the Uyghur community in Turkey and Uyghur refugees in Central Asia will
respectfully ask RFA management to reconsider its decision one more time.

09-01-09, 07:30