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15-12-08, 07:23
The Best Shoes in the World!

Posted: 14 Dec 2008 09:58 PM CST

Didn’t G.W. Bush say that the Americans would be greeted in the streets of Baghdad with flowers and roses?
Seven years later G.W. Bush himself is greeted with a pair of shoes!
Yesterday while Bush was speaking at the office of the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad, an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at the President, who ducked it, only to have the second shoe thrown at him, and again he ducked it. The President has been showing off his skills of ducking since 9-11. The man said: “This is the farewell kiss you dog!” and then he said: ““This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”
Both, the throwing of the shoe and calling him a dog are ultimate forms of humiliation and disrespect in the Arab world. This, alHamdulillah, is proper greeting for this invader of Muslim land. But the even more proper treatment is that which is leveled against the invading troops on the streets of Baghdad.
The shoes of this journalist are better than those leaders in the Arab world who paraded their daughters to dance for Bush.
Before the Green Zone Scholars, and RAND Muslims, the promoters of the fiqh of humiliation, step up to the stage in defense of Bush and claim that this act is ‘against the Sunnah!’ let it be known that the Muslim is kind with the disbeliever who is decent and pays due respect to Islamic authority, but the Muslim is harsh against the arrogant and the transgressor. The words of Rasulullah to the leaders of Quraish were: “I came to with slaughter,” Abu Bakr cursed the disbelievers in Hudaybiyyah, and Omar would consistently beat these disbelievers, curse them and threaten them. On another note, and as ridiculous as it may sound, for those who say that al Maliki is “wali amr” and as Muslims we should not revolt against him, is this journalist at sin for not having sought the permission of al Maliki to throw his shoes? Because to them, this is definitely an act of fitnah!
Unfortunately he missed. As someone on the net has rightfully stated:
“Nobody wants to see President Bush being missed by a flying shoe like this. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that has been missed here.”

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