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2008-11-20 15:13:27 作者: 来源:互联网 300*250广告位 some Xinjiang Kazakhs have opted to sell out and move away. Many have opted to go to Kazakhstan, lured by a Kazakhstani government program to attract Kazakh migrants. Aimed at increasing Kazakhstans population of 15 million, and boosting the number of ethnic Kazakhs to strengthen national identity, the Oralman program -- with a current annual quota of 15,000 families -- offers a range of incentives, from fast-track citizenship procedures to allowances of up to $900 for new arrivals.
Despite being isolated by mountains and deserts, the Kazakhs of northern Xinjiang are nevertheless well-informed about Kazakhstans incentives to returnees. an increasing number of Xinjiangs Kazakhs are likely to take advantage of the Oralman program.


一些哈萨克人已经选择了卖掉他们的财产后搬走。受到哈萨克斯坦政府吸引哈萨克移民政策的吸引,很多人选择了 去哈萨克斯坦。ORALMAN项目,是哈萨克政府吸引哈萨克移民的项目。目标是增加萨克斯坦1500万的人 口,并且提高哈萨克族人的比例以加强民族实体性。现在年定额是15000户--提供广泛的鼓励奖励手段,如快速的公民入籍手续和给新移民高达900美元的津贴。

尽管新疆北部和哈萨克斯坦有高山和隔壁的隔阂,但北疆的哈萨克人还是对哈萨克斯坦的这些鼓励政策很知晓,越 来越多的哈萨克人可能会利用这个项目移民哈萨克斯坦。

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