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hormetlik dostlar, xitay Arzigul Tursunning 6yerim ayliq bowiqini chushurushni DUSHENbigiche kechikturuptu.eger xelqaradin yeterlik besim kelse opiratsiyedin waz kechidighan oxshaydu.shunga towendiki xeverni tonush-bilishlirimizge yolliweteyli.qanche kop kishi bilse shunche unumluk bolidighandek.

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Smith Makes Urgent Appeal to Chinese Authorities
Uyghur Woman Threatened With Forced Abortion


Washington, Nov 13 -

"I appeal to the Chinese Government not to forcibly abort Arzigul, a Uyghur woman now in the custody of China’s population police and awaiting the nightmare of a forced abortion," said Rep. Chris Smith, the House Ranking Member on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. "The Chinese Government is notorious for this barbaric practice, but to forcibly abort a woman while the world watches in full knowledge of what is going on would make a mockery of its claim that the central government disapproves of the practice, and of the UN Population Fund pretense that it has moderated the Chinese population planners’ cruelty. Human rights groups and the U.S. Government will be watching very carefully to see what happens to Arzigul and her family."

Smith made a personal appeal on behalf of Arzigul directly to Chinese ambassador Zhou Wenzhong.

Earlier on Thursday, November 13, Radio Free Asia and the Uyghur Human Rights Project reported that Chinese authorities tried to pressure Arzigul, a Uighur woman from the locality of Yining (in the Uyghur language, Ghulja) who is 26 weeks pregnant with her third child, to have an abortion. When Arzigul refused and fled her village, the authorities interrogated and threatened her relatives until they were able to take her into custody on November 11. According to the reports, the authorities forced a relative to sign a document authorizing the abortion, and began doing health tests to assess her ability to withstand a forced abortion, which was scheduled for Thursday, November 13. Arzigul is now reported to be in the maternity ward in a Yining hospital. Word of the threatened human rights abuse leaked out, and RFA and the UHRP have received a reliable report that the forced abortion has not yet been performed, thanks to rapidly developing international interest in the case.

Despite official denials, it has been documented that the Chinese Government regularly relies on forced abortion to enforce its one-child-per-couple population control program.

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Uyghur Woman Faces Forced Abortion

An ethnic Uyghur woman faces an imminent abortion of her third child.

AFP Photo

Uyghur women in Aksu, in China's western Xinjiang autonomous region, July 31, 2008.

HONG KONG—Arzigul Tursun, six months pregnant with her third child, is under guard in a hospital in China's northwestern Xinjiang region, scheduled to undergo an abortion against her will because authorities say she is entitled to only two children.

As a member of the predominantly Muslim Uyghur minority, Tursun is legally permitted to more than the one child allowed most people in China. But when word of a third pregnancy reached local authorities, they coerced her into the hospital for an abortion, according to her husband.

"Arzigul is being kept in bed number three," a nurse in the women's section at Gulja's Water Gate Hospital said in a telephone interview. "We will give an injection first. Then she will experience abdominal pain, and the baby will come out by itself. But we haven't given her any injection yet—we are waiting for instructions from the doctors."

China's one-child-per-family policy applies mainly to majority Han Chinese but allows ethnic minorities, including Uyghurs, to have additional children, with peasants permitted to have three children and city-dwellers two.

...They have to pay a fine of 45,000 yuan (U.S. $6,590)—that's a lot of money, and they won't have it."

Family planning official Rashide

But while Tursun is a peasant, her husband, Nurmemet Tohtasin, is from the city of Gulja [in Chinese, Yining] so their status is unclear. The couple live with their two children in Bulaq village, Dadamtu township, in Gulja.

Their experience sheds rare light on how China's one-child policy is enforced in remote parts of the country, through fines, financial incentives, and heavy-handed coercion by zealous local officials eager to meet population targets set by cadres higher up.

"My wife is being kept in the hospital—village officials are guarding her," Tohtisin said before authorities directed him late Thursday to switch off his mobile phone.

"When she fled the village to avoid abortion, police and Party officials, and the family planning committee officials, all came and interrogated us," he said. "The deputy chief of the village, a Chinese woman named Wei Yenhua, threatened that if we didn't find Arzigul and bring her to the village, she would confiscate our land and all our property."

Steep fines

On Nov. 11, Tohtisin said, an official named Rashide from the village family planning committee came to their home and escorted the couple, along with Arzigul's father, to the Gulja's municipal Water Gate Hospital.

There, Tohtisin said, he was pressured into signing forms authorizing an abortion.

"The abortion should be carried out because according to the family planning policy of China, you're not allowed to have more children than the government has regulated. Therefore she should undergo an abortion. This is their third child. She is 6-1/2 months pregnant now," Rashide said.

"If her health is normal, then the abortion will definitely take place. Otherwise they have to pay a fine in the amount of 45,000 yuan (U.S. $6,590)—that's a lot of money, and they won't have it," she added.

Arzigul Tursun's abortion was originally scheduled for Thursday, but hospital authorities said they had postponed it until Monday after numerous calls from local and exiled Uyghurs.

Officials then told her husband to switch off his mobile phone and stop making calls.

Carrots and sticks

According to the official news agency, Xinhua, Uyghurs in the countryside are permitted three children while city-dwellers may have two.

Under "special circumstances," rural families are permitted one more child, although what constitutes special circumstances was unclear.

The government also uses financial incentives and disincentives to keep the birthrate low.

Couples can also pay steep fines to have more children, although the fines are well beyond most people's means.

The official Web site China Xinjiang Web reports that in Kashgar, Hotan, and Kizilsu [in Chinese, Kezilesu], areas populated almost entirely by Uyghurs, women over 49 with only one child are entitled to a one-time payment of 3,000 yuan (U.S. $440), with the couple receiving 600 yuan (U.S. $88) yearly afterward.

China's official Tianshan Net reported that population control policies in Xinjiang have prevented the births of some 3.7 million people over the last 30 years.

And according to China Xinjiang Web on Sept. 26, 2008, the government will spend 25.6 million yuan (U.S. $3.7 million) this year rewarding families who have followed the population policy.

The one-child policy is enforced more strictly in cities, but penalties for exceeding a family's quota can be severe, including job losses, demotions, or expulsion from the Party, experts say.

Officials at all levels are subject to rewards or penalties based on whether they meet population targets set by their administrative region.

Citizens are legally entitled to sue officials who they believe have overstepped their authority in enforcing the policy.

Tense relations

Relations between Chinese authorities and the Uyghur population have a long and tense history.

Uyghurs formed two short-lived East Turkestan republics in the 1930s and 40s during the Chinese civil war and the Japanese invasion.

But China subsequently took control of the region, and Beijing has in recent years launched a campaign against Uyghur separatism, which it regards as a war on Islamic terrorism.

It has also accused "hostile forces" in the West of fomenting unrest in the strategically important and resource-rich region, which borders several countries in Central Asia.

Original reporting in Uyghur by Shohret Hoshur. Uyghur service director: Dolkun Kamberi. Written and produced for the Web in English by Sarah Jackson-Han. Edited by Joshua Lipes.


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Ghulja su derwaza doxturxanisida: bala chüshürüsh opiratsiyisi 4 kün kéchiktürüldi

Muxbirimiz shöhret hoshur
Hamildar ana arzugül tursunjanning salametlik tekshürüsh netijisi peyshenbe küni etigende normal bolup chiqti. Buning bilen su derwaza doxturxanisi chüshtin burun saet 10 da bala chüshürüsh opiratsiyisi qilishqa hazirlandi.

AFP Photo

Xongkongdiki xitay hökümiti aldida, xitayning pilanliq tughut siyasitige qarshi namayish qiliwatqan bir guruppa amérikiliqlar.

Biz su derwaza doxturxanisining mezkur opiratsiyige mesul doxturidin ehwal igiliduq we 6 ayliq hamilini öltürüshning insaniy exlaqqa xilap ikenlikini ésige salduq.

Lyu doxtur özini aqlashqa tirishti we mesuliyetni hamilining ata-Anisigha artti, u, hamilining dadisi nurmemetning doxturgha bala aldurush üchün kelgenlikini, bala aldurush razimenlik xétige qol qoyghanliqini bildürdi we hetta eger nurmemet ailisi bala aldurushtin waz kechse, öziningmu opératsiyidin waz kéchidighanliqini bildürdi. Emma biz nurmemettin ehwal igiliginimizde, özini yéza we kent kadirlirining mejburiy ekelgenlikini, bala aldurush razimenliki xétigimu mejburiy qol qoydurghanliqini bildürdi.

Emma mezkur xewerni anglighan alaqidar xelqara jemiyetler we uyghur teshkilatliri pajiening aldini élish üchün heriketke ötti. Xelqara jemiyetler we uyghur paaliyetchiliri aldi bilen su derwaza doxturxanisi bilen alaqiliship opératsiyini bir qanche kün kéchiktürüshni telep qildi we bu bir qanche kün ichide özlirining xitayning yuqiri derijilik alaqidar orunliri bilen bu heqte körüshüp teklip sunidighanliqini bildürdi we opiratsiye bügün élip bérilghan teqdirde, bu weqening xitayning xelqaradiki obrazigha éghir derijide tesir körsitidighanliqini we hetta xitayning b d t din éliwatqan pilanliq tughut yardem pulining toxtitilish éhtimalliqini eskertti.

Su derwaza doxturxanisining bashliqi mesümjan bu heqte töwendikidek jawab berdi.

Peyshenbe küni chüshte ehwal igiliginimizde , doxturlarning téxi ikkilinish ichide ikenliki melum boldi. Peyshenbe küni chüshtin kéyin, opératsiyining düshenbe künige kéchiktürülgenliki melum boldi. Emma kéchiktürüsh qararini doxturxana bergenliki yaki yéza kadirlirining bergenliki hazirche melum emes. Hamildar ana arzugül tursunjan nöwette hamilining yene 4 kün hayat kapalitige érishkenlikidin memnun, emma düshenbe künidiki qarardin yenila endishe ichide.

Amérika uyghur birleshmisining bildürüshiche, amérika dölet mejilisining kishilik hoquq komitéti mesulliridin biri, amérika dölet mejlisi palata ezasi kiristofér smit ependi bügün kech, mezkur weqe heqqide bayanat élan qilghan we xitayni 6 ayliq hamilining hayatigha chang salmasliqqa ündigen.

Amérika uyghur birleshmisining munasiwetlik xadimliri, amérikining béyjingda turushluq elchixanisimu bu pajiening aldini élish üchün béyjingdiki alaqidar dairiler bilen körüshmekchi bolghanliqini ashkarilidi.



14-11-08, 02:23
Qeni "qeni qizziq, wijdanliq" pikinchiler, we hataliq tapquchilar, siler emdi jimjitqu??

14-11-08, 08:16
hitayning pilanliq tughut qanunining qaysu bir maddisida(qaysu maddisi ikenligi esimdin chiqip qaptu )eger hamile 6 ayliqtin eship ketken bolsa balini sun,i uusulda chushurwetishke bolmaydu dep kursutulgen buni pilanliq tughutni ishleydighanlar yahshi bilidu shunga ular imkaniyetning bariche 6 ayliq bolghiche chushurwetishke tirishidu .1999 yili qorghas nahiyesining lengger yezisidiki zeynepning tughulushqa bir nechche kun qalghan bowiqini mana mushundaq okul urup chushurmekchi bolup okul urghandin keyin bir saetke qalmay zeynepning bala yatqusi biraqla teshigha partilap chiqip ketip neq meydanda jan bergen .eger hitay terep bilen suzlishishke toghra kelse pilanliq tughut qanunidiki mushu maddilarnimu yadigha selip qoyushqa erziydu dep qaraymen

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pilanliq toghut siyasitige ait pajieler nahayiti köp bu heqte matirial toplansa bolatti

14-11-08, 14:11
Enikrak yazsingiz, kandak hesse koshalaymiz? Crhistopher Smith ga tel kilamduk?

14-11-08, 15:19
yuqurdiki 6 ayliq balining ehwalini uqup echim siqildi qandaq qilarmiz. ghulja qorghas naheyeside bundaq ixlar kop uyghurlargha ikki bala tughuxqa ruhset biraq ikki balining arlighi 3 yaxqa toxmay hamildar bolsa mejburi chuxurwitidu.hokumetning mejburlixi bilen bala seweplik nurghun anilar hayatidin ayrildi we yaki yirimjan bolup qaldi.

14-11-08, 16:12
bu pajieni anglap tolimu heyran boldum.adette hetay hokumiti pilanliq tughut siyasiti boyeche kadirlargha ikki bala dihqanlargha uch bala ilix ruhsiti barghu, bu Arzigul ailisi dehqan aile ekenghu nime uchun 6 ay bolghan balini chuxuridiken bu ixlarni yenila xu dadamtu yizidiki Rexidem baxliq yaki kent kaderliri ozliri yuqurgha alahede melum qilmay bir terep qilalaydu. bu ix larni exu kadilar chongaytiwetidu. oz ichidin bisiqturwetsimu bolidighan ix.hey..........

3_balini elix arzigulning normal hoquqi eger ikkinchi bala bilen uchunchi balning arlighi yeqin bulup qalsa pilanliq tughut siyesiti boyiche eyigha 100 yuendin 6 aygha 600 yuen alidu.
bularning ixini tepsiligerek yezip qoysanglar bek achchighim kiliwatidu.
men bu hizmetni bir mezgil ixligen .

14-11-08, 18:49
Bir Nariside Bowaq dunyagha Kelmey turupla Xitayning Tomur tirnighida yenchilish aldida
turmaqta ,qe!rindashlar.

Bir amal qilghan bolsaq,Duqmu bu ishqa selqarimay qet'i qarshiliq korsetse,bayanat elan
qilip pozitsiyisini bildurse.mushundaq waqitta hemmimiz jimip turiwalmayli.

Bir kichik bowaqning hayatini qutquzalmay turup ,wetenni azat qilimen,millitimni azat qilimen dep waqirashtin nomus qilayli.

bir ana oz qosighidiki perzentigimu ige bolalmay,perzentini qosaqtin elip tashlitiwitighan insan qelipidin chiqqan wehshi siyasetning qurbani bolay dewatidu,ghezeplineyli! herket
qilip bu herketni tosayli,ishqilip dushenbe kungiche hemmimiz birliship bowaqni qutuldurayli.

15-11-08, 11:37
Qeni merhemet, ozledin kelsun.

pilanliq toghut siyasitige ait pajieler nahayiti köp bu heqte matirial toplansa bolatti