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11/12/1933 and 1944
10-11-08, 13:19
By :Hajinur Uyghur

My era is equivalent to that of my kinds, my realms,
I do not remember existence without them,

My story begins with my people, my clan,
whether I deserved it or not, I was the emblem of my realm’s unity.
These were my proud times, times...
I was proud of the mankind, the land I represented.

I remember alien races gazing and adoring my structure,
Adoring the human beings, the strong nation I symbolized.

I remember marching to battlefields,
Waving with all my might, I remember victory.
At the battlefields my soldiers looked up at me with trepidation in their eyes.
But I beckoned reminding them we were not the ones to be overtaken.

Most of my memories are of the battlefield,
I remember being torn into rags,
my structure being dyed red from the blood of my men,
I remember trying to stop the bloodshed.

And yet at another battlefield, I remember worse,
Where my blue body was captured and burned,
I remember the malevolent grin on my enemy’s faces,
I cried for my men, my land, I remember my structure turning into ashes.

I was blazed a thousand times, maybe more,
But in spite of it all, I remember living, surviving,
Enemies could burn me all they wanted, but I would live,
I would endure, for my people would always be there to extinguish those fires.

My people respected me so; they had such a great respect,
At times of celebrations, even at times of depression,
I was still pledged, saluted, loved, and respected,
I remember adoring that respect they held for me.

They might not have had food in their bellies,
Nor cloths over their bodies, mere rags,
But any man could be sure they had their symbol,
With God’s consent I hung from the walls of every home.

Now what?
What has happened to that proud blue flag, my Uighurs?

These days my structure is rare and banned in my very own homelands,
Look at me now, I cannot even show face in my domain.
… But remember you I still exist if not in structure as a cloth,
I exist in you my people, I exist in every heart that remembers, I exist…
And no enemy can erase that existence I have marked in history.

Life on unknown barren fields are more difficult than you can imagine,
Life caged away from reality, from my homeland, my realm...
is no longer life at all, but in spite of it I will to survive,
Only if my people could quench the fires like they had before.

These days I am the living, burning flag,
I wonder if a cloth has suffered as much as I…
Do not for a minute think I have given up,
I was captured before, yes, and I was freed,
Just like those times, a day will come, a day when I will wave freely.

I still hang from walls, but foreign walls,
I only pray my people gather courage to let me once more hang from known walls.
The walls of home, if only my people knew how I missed those shabby but respectful walls,
The wall of home…

Oh you my people remember you, remember times I hung high from homely walls, remember…
Oh, my people, if you knew what I would give to wave high in my homelands on our independence days,
To see my country, my proud mankind to smile once more,
Oh if you knew what I would give to retake my place as your symbol, your emblem.

I know not if a flag has ever cried before, but be sure my people, be sure of my salty tears,
If tears do not descend my eyes, be assured it will descend from your very eyes.
If ever a flag has experienced such pain, I have,
If you knew the pain of department from my loved homelands.
Like a child torn from his mothers arms, I too have been torn away from my homelands,
Oh, only if you could see my tears, only if you could hear my cries.

I symbolized your unity, my people,
If I cry, you must also cry,
And if I will for freedom, my people, you must also will for freedom,
You, my people, I was proud of you,
I never knew a time when you couldn’t save me from infidel arms,
Now stand up, and just as you had before quench these fires,
Oh my people quench the fire that burns my very heart…

Let me once more wave respectfully on my very own homelands…
Allow me at least that.

Jumhuriyet kuni
11-11-08, 14:47
putun Sherqi Turkistan helqining jumhuriyet hatire kuni qutluq bolsun ! Wetening azatliqi ,milletning horluqtin qutulishi yolida koresh qilip qurban bolghan shihitlirmizning rohi shat bolsun!
yaratquqi yeqin keguside Sherqi Turkistanning mustaqilliq kunini tentene qilish pursitini
putun Sherqi Turkistan Helqige nisip qilsun !