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05-06-05, 20:26
Murat Nasyrov, famous uighur pop singer, who moved from Kazakhstan to Russia to pursue his career became very famous in Russian Federation. His popular songs in russian made him well-known among russians and opened to people a bit the world of uighur culture and history.

By profiting from this popularity, Murat Nasyrov, wrote a new album, 100% uighur ethnic music, with songs about nativeland and love. A couple of russian news agencies commented this and gave a credit to Murat's dedication.

The album cover u can find here...
http://www.nasyrov****/ - official site of the singer...

the music u can link here

http://www.assalam-dostlar.biz/modules.php?name=music&op=modload&file=index&p=Murat%20Nasyrov (put the whole link)...


06-06-05, 13:02
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