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Interpreter Management
22-10-04, 13:22

ASET International, as language services agency in Virginia, seeks qualified
linguists. Applicants must know English and at least one of the listed
languages and be US citizens:

Chinese * Arabic * Somali * German * Russian * Pashto * Urdu * French *
Dutch * Albanian * Czech * Polish * Farsi * Korean * Uighur (exception may
be made regarding US citizenship) * Kurdish * Indonesian * Hebrew

Experience in language services, such as translation, interpretation, or
instruction is required. Applicants with clearance are especially encouraged
to apply. The work will include transcription of live conversations,
translation into English, and other duties. The work will be conducted
on-site in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and
other US cities. Projects will vary in length.

*** We accept emailed resumes at LIVE @ ASETQUALITY.com, with an indication
of the applicant's citizenship, clearance, and required pay. Please list any
language proficiency exams that you have taken including ILR rating, FBI
test, State Department test, federal or state court certification or NSA
tests. ***

Applications sent ASAP are appreciated. Thanks!

ASET team

For Up-to-Date needs go to http://www.proz.com/pro/76234