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AK Language Service
18-10-08, 12:11
Since 1992, AK Language Service has been committing to the believe of: Excellent language service in all language, any subject. Today, we continue to follow that believe, providing a one-stop solution to the complex challenges of modern communication.
AK Language Service provides an integrated service with the highest level of quality and professionalism in the shortest possible time.
Our Business
In 1992, We created AK Language Service with strong passion for world languages, since then our company never stop growing, now we have three language translation and interpretation resource centers in Toronto Canada, Paris France and Beijing China.
Customer satisfaction is our core believe, we are utmost serious about quality of our works and customer service that we are delivering.
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20-10-08, 12:26
How many Uyghur-English translators you have and what is your rate?

20-10-08, 14:28
How many Uyghur-English translators: How many translators you need ?
The rate: it is depending on a subject of translation.

How many Uyghur-English translators you have and what is your rate?

26-10-08, 22:15
Dear Friends:

We are desperately look for Uzbek Translators who reside in North America.

This is well paid freelance translator position.

Please visit www.aklanguageservice.com and apply


28-10-08, 09:08
I think it is just a addvertisment . if not there is how many uyghur translater in your company for uyghur -english?