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Uyghur Association UK
22-05-05, 19:27
Declaration of the Uyghur Association UK


The Uyghur Association UK is the sole legal representative organization for Uyghur refugees (exiles) living in the UK which has been officially registered, and receives support and advice from the UK Refugee Council and other non-governmental organisations in the UK.

The Uyghur Association UK is a refugee community organisation and its first general election took place on 21st May 2005. All Uyghur refugees in the UK took part in the election. Therefore the Uyghur Association UK declares its sole legal status in the UK as representative of all Uyghur community members.

Our main purpose in establishing the Uyghur Association UK is effectively use London as an international political stage, to enable Uyghur voices to reach the British government and British people regarding the ongoing gross human rights violations in East Turkistan which are systematically carried out by the Chinese authorities. The Uyghur Association UK supports Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees, and protects their rights in the UK and elsewhere. The Uyghur Association UK organise community events, deliver Uyghur culture, arts and traditions to the British public. The Uyghur Association UK announces with this declaration that we call all worldwide Uyghur exile organisations to work together in order to achieve our final goal.

The Uyghur Association UK president
Omerjan Kerimov

Tel: 0044(0) 7833 943 522

E-mail: “East Turkistan” <uyghurassociation@yahoo.co.uk

23-05-05, 08:41
What are you doing people?

Uighru UK Association, Uighur Association UK, what else later on?

Are you guys united to fight against China pression upon Uighur people or are you guys divided to fight against each other?

Come on, do not be stupid. You guys are helping China's pressure over Uighur by showing that Uighur can not organized themselves.

23-05-05, 11:01
We should not allow those people who are harming our cause by splitting small naumbered community in UK or else where.
personally without hearing any thing from Enver Tohti, I have nothing to do with this "sudden election" and its " result"

24-05-05, 01:07

25-05-05, 20:51
Good Luck Brothers
And i Hope That Our Final Goal Will Be So Soon

Hail To Those Who Died For The Cause