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30-09-08, 10:35


by: Hajinur Uyghur

All we had ever owned, all we had ever loved,
all that meant something real was stolen.
No longer the sun shone on our faces,
no longer did the clouds show us wonders.

The land beneath our feet were taken,
the skies over our heads were taken.
Our lives, our names, our identity was taken,
and even at that they tried to steal hope.

While the clouds darkened over us,
the enemy celebrated his steal.
The enemy destroyed our mosques,
our homes, our days, our pride.

They destroyed our past, our tongue,
our ways, our days, our bodies.
Yet as hard as they tried they could not,
no, they could not destroy our faith.

The earth beneath us cried that day,
the sky over us angered very,
the willows wept swaying side to side
but the people, they cried blood.

Women screamed and mourned,
Men let the inner felling go, they angered,
Children hid behind skirts, weeping more,
All the Uighurs mourned that day.

It pleased the enemy, our cries,
they could not wait to make us do so,
they spilled blood, they killed, they tortured,
they beat our bodies enough our hearts bruised.

This day, it was the day of sorrow,
the day we lost our beautiful land,
our ever blue sky, our identity,
this the day our fate was chained.

The once lovely land turned ugly,
the once beautiful sky seemed no more,
the freedom we had was no more,
yet faith still lived in all of us.

our fathers were poisoned and tortured,
our mothers beat and stolen from light,
our infants, our future, murdered inside.
Yes, the Chinese government knew to destroy.

After that day we have been named,
Named, liars, thieves, nomads,
even terrorists, but worse Chinese,
no we are never like the likes of our enemy.

The ugly names they called us,
They only described our enemy,
And their terror, their murder,
Their torture, their true identity.

We are Uighurs, not Chinese,
nor do we claim the enemy s name.
We are beings of Eastern Turkistan.
We are Uighurs, once known, and will.