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29-09-08, 04:21
Corpse Selling Gang Arrested for Murder

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According to initial reports by the Hong Kong Apple Daily and the Telegraph, a gang of murderers were arrested in Guangdong recently.

Police in South China have reportedly arrested nine suspects for murdering elderly or infirm villagers and selling their bodies.

The corpse-selling operation was designed to help wealthy families to avoid having to cremate their relatives.

Cremation is mandatory in most areas of Guangdong. Proper burials, traditionally an important sign of Confucian filial piety, were outlawed by the Communist Party in many areas in order to conserve farmland and avoid superstition.

Families who bought corpses from the group swapped them with their own relatives and sent them off for cremation. They could then bury their loved ones in secret.

As many as 400 people may have been killed, according to Apple Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper which conducted an investigation into the practice.