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26-09-08, 09:14
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Our Involvement at the United Nations and the Council of Europe

The Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV) has had an advisory status at the United Nations (UN) since 1993. Besides active participation at the meetings of the various bodies of the United Nations the GfbV takes regular advantage of the opportunity of putting forward at the annual meetings of the Human Rights Commission comments in spoken und written form on a multitude of violations of human rights against ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities and indigenous peoples. The GfbV supports thje lobbying work by representatives of the peoples and minorities concerned at the United Nations by providing them with a platform from which they can represent their interests. We also attend conferences with press coverage and so-called side events and performances outside the official programme, which provide the opportunity for the exchange of opinions and making contacts.
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The GfbV has had participant status at the Council of Europe (COE) since the beginning of 2005. This status was only established in 2004 with the object of providing a fourth pillar next to the Ministerial Committee, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of the local and regional offices in the Council of Europe and to upgrade the role of the non-governmental organisations (NGOs). There are three levels on which the GfbV can operate as an NGO: the so-called Liaison Committee, the Plenary Conference and ten working parties. Each NGO can register in four of these working parties. For the GfbV the most interesting of these are: Human Rights, Democracy in the Extended EU, North-South Solidarity and "Extreme Poverty in Europe.

The Council of Europe, which was founded in 1949, has at the present time 46 European members. It is not institutionally linked with the European Union, but it uses the same flag. Canada, Israel, the Vatican City, Japan, Mexico and the USA have observer status. Among the tasks of the Council of Europe are stepping in for human rights, securing democratic principles and constitutional basic principles. The European Court of Human Rights is attached to the Council of Europe.
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