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Bus hijacker in Xinjiang shot dead
12-05-05, 09:37
Bus hijacker in Xinjiang shot dead

Police in Yining City of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region shot dead a man who had hijacked a long-distance bus heading for Urumqi, the regional capital, Wednesday afternoon.

When the bus running from Yining to Urumqi was refueling at a filling station in the suburb of Yining City at 15:50 Wednesday, a man aboard the bus tried to hijack the bus by threatening to blast the bus with a dynamite and showing the fusee.

Acting on report, local police rushed to the scene and tried to urge him to give up violence. However, the man ignited the dynamite at 17:28, resulting in a fire on the bus.

To protect the safety of other passengers and the filling station, police shot dead the man, named Zhang Baoguo. Initial investigation showed family dispute led to the incident.

Source: Xinhua

Zhang hong yun
13-05-05, 02:20
As the Chinese government encouraging Chinese to be violent, there are more Chinese terrorists than Uyhgurs in the Xinjiang Uyhgur Autonomous Region in last a few years. A Chinese terrorist blew up a bus,full of Uyhgurs, last year and caused the death of 11 people.

13-05-05, 02:27
Immigration problem in Xinjiang region of China shurely will lead to great social disorder and increase anti-government activities/gangs.