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Nobody can tell when the justice can conquer the injustice. The world might meet its doomsdays when it is done. But, it is evidently proved that where are the wicked spirits, the evil. They capitalize on the ingenuousness, weakness, non-allied, illiteracy of the different ethnics and dissenters by promoting literature, movies, televisions programs, ubiquitous propaganda, bureaucratic positions and using brutal regime camouflaged under appearance of human beings. It is conceivable that it have been unearthed form the beginning, especially from letting them joining WTO, Who? *
The demon knows that wrong thoughts if not expelled from the mind will cause indelible impressions and lead the servile to behave immorally, just like the demon itself.
There are too many worms who have been brought under the influence of the demon, just here! If you know of them, walk close to them when they are lapping the feet of their “demon” then, you are shocked instinctually and maybe you will suffer terrible sleeplessness many a day because they are too much different from the human beings, the strained smiles on their etiolated horrible face you see when they turn their necks forward you print indelible and terrified impressions in your mind. So they are always striving to be distanced when expressing their dogmas. They resist democracy by any means, so, some of then are trying to say they are “born in the soil that dictatorship wiped out, even say, joined army,” much too brazen. They do even go to Church more out of context, because their brains were washed and filled with the ways of sucking blood. They don’t like the men who have beard, so the ethnic people, Uighur, who are the native in the region Eat Turkistan, so-call SingKang ( meaning New border, NOT old border), are compelled to strip beard, moustache, they are bullied to do so, no issuing ID with it otherwise, then, always making nonsense attempt to make the people similar to their PALE face, without beard, moustache, and pale even though eat ravenously twenty four seven. Then, If you have no ID, you will have to be directly detained and will have to sleep in the ERSEN (the place encapsulate the “suspect”) without any settled time unless you have enough to be fined. The numbers of jail are more that that of the school, There are a great number of local ethnic Uighur people detained just the nonsense reason of no ID! Hardly can any men believe in that in Canada or Western countries. The thugs have not still forgot their grandfathers were made to similar to The Man (Qing Destiny) with their one braid long hair, after exterminate the culture of Man and Mongul, then, Uighur and Tibet are experiencing the same sufferings now. Although there is noway to mumble for dissents in public, but the “punishment” is totally different. The Chinese dissents have to be cornered in their house or stayed in jail a few years and come back. But, the ethnic dissents, Uighur, have only two ways, one is life time sentence (for some ductile, manifesting the advantageousness of the evil.) the other way is that buried them without tomb in no time, by the concealed way, as usual. The family of the victims couldn’t dare to try to plead and touch the corpse, the family are not absolutely permitted to hold any conventional funeral activities, if they dare to do, then suffering slandering and the same consequence after some time. Some Chinese scholars immigrated there a long ago have a little bit pity on them, and the present cornered Uighur. The slavish are becoming more and more cruel after their stomachs are full with various colorful food, and begin to taste the blood of humans, not say the past, one American are killed and other two are injured seriously on the Tower around TianAnmen in Beijing today (Aug 09) just after ending hazy ,ceremony , like fire eater, and fake scene which the pc couldn’t handle the expense, lucky, no report about being beheaded. If a man, from “terrorist” Uighur, did the bloody event, I am sure the spokeswoman would seat her barbershop more than usual while the spokesman would eat more than normal before being apparent in the press conference hall. The minions killed five and seized other seven including two women who got together in one house for religious activities last month, They were killed just because there were many knives in the house and because that was illegal rally. Nobody knows if there is anything legal.
The only legal thing is just that every Uighur stay in their home! Not allowed to be out, otherwise……… No wedding ceremony, No funeral rally, This is the spirits of Olympics! One dream, one world! NO! It is best to assume that they are to be repenting to be host of olympics.
Who know the original mean of “terrorist”? The goon, wanglequan, the top killer, the sophisticated thief, elementary school level “politician”, the masterful deceiver, notorious vampire made the region fallen full disaster, The bloodsucker always want to see blood, humans’ blood, things always happen as what they announced in front of the outer. The central evil always pretend to know everything is going on as the way the demon’s program. So, every one always images that they would have any relatives in the government, having power!!!! in the gruel and unhuman experiences under the rule of the evil. The local people have been sucked, cornered, tortured.
At present, the majority of Uighur live in the situation as the same that was middle century, The people are threatened with disinformation; No permit to let them know what happen around them and pertained to them; They are compelled to live in the meager way; The young are educated by the newfangled way. The teenagers are departed form family and sent to free school managed using the “half-army-rules” in the utterly different atmosphere, They are yet around ten, actually washing their brain by the way, every one knows this, but no money, no other choise ! spending million of RMB transmit the concept of the evil to the small children’s brain and spending another millions decapitate their parents. I am wondering what the evil get make the ethnics resemble their deteriorated humanity?
These young are “lucky” after all. Because there are hundred of thousand teenagers are meandering in the inner depreciated socialistic China, suffering agony, compelled to thief, heavy labor job, beastly beating, sexual `abuse. The evil always pretend to not see, even reprehended them uttering and taunting they are uncivilized human! No one govern the teenagers and their “boss”, The evil are used to mock the people after changing their black cloth shoes and make noise to say they are living very happy under the evil red flag. The gaudy evil choose the gawky for their dirty and mighty position from the gaunt between the people. At the end, The culture is being disintegrated, the religion and belief are being demolished, education and economy are being too far lagged, many have to follow the hackneyed evil sacrificed their soul and indignity, with the heart being full of scare, and some are striving to bomb the cage they are living in. It is a complete encapsulated region and , few correspondents are allowed to visit there, if permitted, limited to the city like Urumqi, Khaskar the source of “terrorist”. There a few reporters are basically familiar with the more than ten million Uighur people’s current situation in the whole world, The world begin to know and take pity on the marginalized, misleaded, libeled, impoverished and despaired people even though it is the only one place “protected” like jail, in fact, East Turkistan is the largest jail in the world! there is another place, Tibet, The world know of DalaiLama.
How are Chinese feeling about WeiguangLi (named Vince in English, who settled in Edmonton from china) ? A 22-year-old young was stabbed a couple of dozens times and decapitated withou any couse? 31 July,he has been experiencing psychological evaluation by Canadian Law. There a lot of chinese he has been depressed for a long time? He was not able to adapt himself to the free and democratic country, Canada and stapped dozens time and cuttet the boy's heat then showed the travelers in the bus with way of unhumanity. It is evidently obvious that there were no any discrepancy between them, them there are some harsh disagreement between the two Uyghur young killing 16 armed polices and the "heros"? Why has the bloody-event happened? The young men are really eager to finish their life? The goons of CCP ,the bloodsucker Wanglequan, the gofers, "please" brood over after finishing your king-meal? What could do those people whithout any way to live, everything is controlled? Do you think God made the chinese live in cities with stable job salary and the title of "shuji, zhang" and made the local Uyghur people cornered in remoted village and not cut out be cities except small number slavish hangers-on have to bow you every time to live with you following the chinese tradional cultures? By the way,ask why the past so easy to be overlooked? it is not too far yet, about twenty years, a black cloth shoes is good jog to remind. It is evidently patent that the personalities of the generation of the Gragon are pretty elastic and liable to twist easly, it seems like that you have lived as he same way since 5000y, Shameless, most shameless are you! It is conceivable that you can execute the compelled people grisly, you can, The whole world have known that how your thousands of indenuous students were exterminated by your tanks grisly in 89 besides thousands upon thousands Falongong memebers were buried......
The evil is the boss of the GPOUP monopolized 1.3 B people who have five-thousand-year-civilization-history, Soul is wandering between the evil and the "civilized" people, and questions why? And another question, Why does the evil hate so bitterly the Uighur people who are the owner of the rich soil that is being sucked in every angle, even standing at the distance from five thousand km away? as the hugs addicted to marijuana. IIs this a right reason?
If you are humanbeings, then solve the basic life problems of the local people, then it is not late to said there are "Uyghur terorist".
Uighur need the at least way to live right now. at leat way! If they can be asked who can help them, they will say: God, because they know they could be accompanied by God only. They would be grateful to those persons who can help them, even a little sympathy ,if they knew there are some in the world, including special Chinese.
Hey, goons, You became strong right now. Listen! It is beginning of getting weak while you felt you are strong after making others become weak, because the history take its process by this way. it is not too far to eat your flesh each another!
So, I can say CPP=EVIL
I can say CPP=EVIL
cpp=evilcpp=evilcpp=evilcpp=evilcpp=evilcpp=evilcp p=evilcpp=evilcpp=evil

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Very good! Agreed! Add one more point: I would say: Chinese=evil, chinks=evil!