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10-05-05, 10:43
London 2005 Sanctuary Festival

The Uyghur Association UK, as the official representative organisation of Uyghur refugees living in the UK, will take part in the London 2005 Sanctuary Festival on the Thames South Bank for the first time. The festival is organised by London City Council, the Refugee Council and Coin Street Community Builders, and its purpose is to celebrate the contribution of refugees to British society. An estimated 16,000 visitors attend this event annually. The Uyghur Association UK has been given a small grant in order invite professional Uyghur musicians to perform at the festival, alongside amateur refugee musicians resident in the UK. We will give performances of traditional and popular Uyghur music and dancing in the main tent at various slots during the afternoon, alongside musicians from many other countries. The Uyghur Assocation UK will also man a stall at the festival where we will distribute information about Uyghur culture, history and their current human rights situation.

The Uyghur Association UK is currently preparing for the event. We would like to invite anyone from Britain, Ireland, Europe or any other country who is interested in taking part to contact us or just turn up on the day.

Time: Sunday 19th June 2005, 2pm – 7pm

Place: London 2005 Sanctuary Festival

Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London

Event Organiser: Aziz Isa

Tel: 0044 (0)7903 041477

Email: uyghuraziz@yahoo.com

Uyghur Association UK

10th May 2005