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11-08-08, 00:09
Towendiki ikki adem xitaylar uchun ishlep, uyghurlarni qarilashqa bashlaptu. UAA yaki WUC heriketke kelip bularning aghzini tosushi kirek yaki, bular bilen munazire qilishi kirek dep soraymen.

1. Steve Vickers

Hong kong diki International Risk ning CEO si (http://www.intl-risk.com/).


2. Rohan Gunaratna

Singapore diki Nanyang Polytechnic University ning Professori. (http://www.nyp.edu.sg/)

Bu ikkisi daim muhbirlargha uyghurlar heqqide melumat bergende, uyghurlarni Al-Qaeda bilen bir yerge ekilip, sozlawatqili heli boldi. Bular bek xeterlik ademlerdek qilidu.

Uyghur kuzetkuchi

11-08-08, 00:19
This so called "terrorism expert", Rohan Gunaratna has been making not only false but also most damaging statements against the Uyghur movement. I believe there should be some legal ramifications for his clumsy acts and irresponsible statements. WUC and UAA should take this serious and take the necessary steps to stop him from continuing to making false claims against the Uyghur nation.

11-08-08, 00:22
bular "uyghurlargha sel qarashqa bolmaydu" qolidin bir ishlar kelidu deawtidu. bular mutexesis siyasiy meydan bular uchun mohim emes. eger biz " yaq ajiz-injemeruq xelq iduq, xitay bizdin artuqche qorqup ketip baridu " demekchi bolsaq we buni diyishni ghorurimiz koterse bulargha hujum qilsaq bolidu. menche siyasetchididn ve mutexesistin kutidighinimiz oxshash bolmasliqi kerek. cheteldiki uyghurlarning netijisi uyghurlarning jansiz oluk milletlikini ispatlash bolsa ular bilen kuresh qilsaq bolidu

11-08-08, 13:50
check this out. this so called terrorism expert has been making ill-substantiated comments for some time.


Dr Rohan Gunaratna has emerged as the go-to guy for media outlets wanting to get an academic spin on terrorism. Feted as an expert on terror, he has traveled the world, speaking to governments, think tanks and appearing on television from the BBC to O'Reilly. CNN described him on August 19, 2002 as, "Rohan Gunaratna, an expert on al Qaeda who was called on to address Congress, the United Nations and the Australian Parliament following the September 11 attacks". He even recently appeared in the middle of the John Walker Lindh trial as an expert for the defence. He then went on a tour of the world's media making claims based on his private "interviews" with Lindh. Gunaratna's work was also used to smear the Islamic party in Malaysia (PAS) as being linked to the al-Qaeda organisation. Given this relatively high profile and status as an authority on Islamic terror, it is surprising to know that this man who was, until recently, listed as a Research Assistant from St Andrew's University in Scotland had never produced a single publication dealing with Arab or Muslim terrorism prior to September 11. On the contrary, Gunaratna's experience and prior work has been entirely in Sri Lankan separatism, particularly the Tamil Tigers.

On September 27, 2001, the Sydney Morning Herald reports Gunaratna's declaration that he had "evidence" of numerous terrorist groups active in Australia, including Hamas, and that Australia must establish an "anti-terrorist unit" to root them out. The article reports that, as has become characteristic, Gunaratna declines to mention his source or any evidence to support these accusations. Interestingly, Gunaratna warned that liberal laws are to blame - a theme that remains consistent in his Quixotic adventure. Despite Gunaratna's claims of compelling evidence, neither the Australian government nor its law enforcement apparatus, have admitted any such presence or taken steps to eradicate it. On the same day, the UK's Financial Times reported that Gunaratna had labeled Germany the base for al-Qaeda in Europe. Again, he blamed the "tight limits on how intelligence and police officials can gather evidence against suspects, a strong civil liberties tradition and easy access to education and welfare provision".

It is impossible to know whether Gunaratna is an exaggerator, a liar, absent minded, careless, or simply ignorant of the facts. The answer is, however, irrelevant. Regardless of the reason, these inconsistencies, lack of proof and outrageous, unsupported claims should make Gunaratna a completely incredulous source for information on terrorism. That Gunaratna has, till now, been able to peddle his tabloid-style sensationalism to an accepting and largely unquestioning audience is a sad indictment on some sections of the media and also a reflection of the blanket of hysteria that has covered much of society since September 11.