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  1. "Xinjiang Province - The Islamic Jihad Battlefront in China" - or is it?
  2. Pakistan expresses support for Beijing
  3. Artist invites Guatánamo (Uyghur) prisoners to Bornholm
  4. Intelligence Bureau warns of Chinese militant attack
  5. Chinese Claims of Olympic Terrorist Plots Seem Suspect
  6. Approaching China With Culturally-Sensitive Activism
  7. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 35 million
  8. Exiled Uyghurs call for Olympics boycott at Berlin congress
  9. Representative of China's Uighur minority rejects terrorism accusations
  10. First Day World Uyghur Congress Training a Great Succes
  11. no matter what race you are,please look this
  12. China intensifies war against splittism
  13. There are other Tibets - by Lindsey Hilsum
  14. Xu Wenli: Who is really behind violence in Tibet?
  15. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 36 million
  16. Chinese Uighur exile urges Olympic boycott over 'genocide'
  17. Torch relay worsens China crackdown: Rebiya Kadeer
  18. China's Fear of Summer
  19. US asks Asia to impose stiff punishment on labor traffickers
  20. China's Other 'Forgotten People'
  21. China: Ethnically diverse forum shut down
  22. Report: U.S. Soldiers Did 'Dirty Work' for Chinese Interrogators
  23. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 37 million
  24. Video:Rebiya Kadeer in Japan(English subtitled)
  25. Celil, Guantanamo Bay and the rejected refugees
  26. Lawmakers demand freedom for Uyghurs held at Gitmo
  27. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 38 million
  28. Lawmakers accuse China of hacking computers
  29. Why U.S. is quietly pressing for Celil's release
  30. Beijing Olympics 2008: Torch relay reaches Muslim west China
  31. Olympic torch paraded through military city in China's northwest
  32. Uighurs attack police station
  33. High-security torch leg in west Xinjiang
  34. Three held over bomb threat extortion bid
  35. Faking the Olympic Spirit in China's Muslim Region
  36. TOM WATKINS: China's Uyghur "problem" is a world problem
  37. Appeals court rules for Uyghur Guantanamo detainee
  38. Another perspective on Huzaifa Parhat's rule
  39. 25/06/08 Demonstration in Roppongi Tokyo. "Free Uighurs!"
  40. Uighur Justice - by Nury A Turkel
  41. Is parhat not innocent? - a view from the Weekly Standrad
  42. Video: Uyghurs hold demonstration outside the EU Comission
  43. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 39 million
  44. China: New talks with Dalai Lama representatives. True or Lie?
  45. NW China region seeks rare blood donation for Olympics
  46. President Bush says US will honor Uyghurs
  47. Beijing has hijacked ‘terrorism’
  48. Alim Seytoff: statements in CECC roundtable, 7/16
  49. Beijing is expelling Uyghurs for Olympics
  50. Huseyn Celil: plead for transfer from isolation
  51. Unnatural selection in China
  52. Uyghur should support US team on the game
  53. ETIM no longer on the Terrorist Organizations List
  54. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 40 million
  55. Much suffering in store for Uighurs
  56. Uighur boxer seeking Olympic glory (pictures)
  57. Bush meets with Rebiya Kadeer; Vows to take 'message of freedom' to Beijing
  58. A Letter To Rebiye Kadeer, The Mother of All Uyghurs
  59. In Western China, two conflicting messages
  60. Games restrictions causing headaches uyghur arrested in HANDAN
  61. Grenade attack kills 16 in Kashgar
  62. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 41 million
  63. China Locks Down Kashgar After Attacks on Police
  64. China tries to shrug off deadly attack - AP
  65. China: how desperation destroyed ideas of harmony on the New Frontier
  66. Uyghur assailants were identified
  67. China's Uighurs Wary, Worried After Attack
  68. ‘Chinese Military Shifts Focus to Ethnic Minorities’
  69. Xinjiang official calls Monday's raid on border police a terrorist attack
  70. Chinese Officials in Kashgar Apologize to Japanese Reporters
  71. Uighur challenge to Chinese hegemony
  72. Terrorism in China
  73. Attack on Chinese police carefully planned
  74. The Fate of China's Minorities
  75. New video threat from TIP
  76. Uyghur set himself on fire in Turkey
  77. All were made up
  78. Female Uighur separatists in Kucha
  79. National Public Radio news from Kucha, ET
  80. NY Times: China Steps Up Scrutiny of Uyghurs in Beijing
  81. Jihad and Gentle Resistance in the Wild West China
  82. Photos Support Account by China of Deadly Attack
  83. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 42 million
  84. Xinjiang oil boom fuels Uighur resentment
  85. Uyghur Discontent in China
  86. 6 Uighur figures killed by police, Beijing says
  87. Destruction or Development of Uighurs ???
  88. Ethnic Retribution Possible in Western China Violence
  89. Chinastan - A crackdown in China’s wild West
  90. Uyghur Radio Worker Sacked, Detained
  91. Uyghurs persecuted after bombings
  92. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 43 million
  93. A Uyghur in Gitmo legal limbo
  94. Doubt Arises in Account of Kashgar Attack
  95. my life
  96. Judge: Let Uyghurs from Guantanamo into US
  97. $800 Billion Bailout Passes in House
  98. Oldest person in China reported to be 121
  99. 23-billion ton ultra large coal field discovered in China's Turfan Basin
  100. China designates first of planned national parks
  101. The Lost White Civilization of China
  102. The Eastern Turkistan Indian Association to be established on December 12, 2008
  103. China's most productive gasfield passes 10 bln cubic meter milestone
  104. Q&A: Gitmo Uighurs Highlight a Complex Ethnic Problem
  105. Give me death panels, or give me liberty!
  106. Xinjiang – China's Palestine?
  107. The straw that broke the Uyghurs' back
  108. Kadeer plans to sue Taiwan over terrorism claims: group
  109. Kadeer ignites support, outrage
  110. Prepare to Fight China, Qaeda Figure Tells Uighurs
  111. The new Great Game, from the ground up
  112. Gollandiyede Advocat kun
  113. Xitay 2 Uyghurni kobul kilmaslik toghrilik Switzerland (Suisse) gha tehdit ixletti
  114. An Uyghurman is stabbed to death by a group of Han Chinese in south China
  115. China warns Switzerland over accepting Uighur detainees
  116. US Sold its Birthright by Ignoring China Human Rights Abuses for Economic Gain: Rep
  117. China Builds Closer Ties to Afghanistan through Wakhan Corridor