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  1. Xinjiang Oil Company Deploys Panasas Storage
  2. Iran and the 'OPEC with bombs'
  3. Freedom elusive for exiled Chinese Uighur Muslim leader
  4. China's Iron Grip: Beijing Harasses Dissidents -- Even in America
  5. China : Cotton yield of Xinjiang sets new record
  6. All eyes on Nobel Peace Prize possibles
  7. Do women have edge over men for Nobel Peace Prize?
  8. Cotton production in Xinjiang to outpace 1mn tons in 2006
  9. BBC Worldwide goes 'Wild' about China
  10. Family of Canadian citizen in Chinese prison begs for help
  11. Husenjan Jelilning Anisini Ziyaret (Canada CBC xewiri)
  12. China : Zhejing producers join to set up Asia's biggest textiles base
  13. Family of Canadian citizen in Chinese prison begs for help (new edition)
  14. China to host conference on Central Asia economic cooperation
  15. Petr Lom - "Documentary Film as a Weapon in the Struggle for Human Human Rights"
  16. Chinese and Kazaks Discuss Shared Rivers
  17. Snow Lotus HIV/AIDS Education Institute”Banned by Local Authorities
  18. Muslims feel the long arm of Beijing
  19. Hurdles on the road to Mecca for mainland Muslims
  20. Pipeline construction faces problems
  21. China : NDRC reports drop in cotton prices
  22. China's longest refined oil pipeline goes into operation
  23. Woman Champions Rights For Ethnic Minority In China
  24. Xinjiang aims to oil its future
  25. uyghurlar and Turgun Almas
  26. China's Xinjiang Region to invest US$1.5 bln in two rail projects
  27. Rabiye Qadir urges Norway to boycott 2008 Olympics
  28. Xinjiang becomes new bio-fuel production base
  29. Food poisoning hits 21 students in Xinjiang
  30. Exotic sights are fabric of Silk Road
  31. China pipeline raises ethnic strife
  32. Withdrawals from Chinese Communist Party Surpass 15 Million
  33. Xinjiang: the curse of oil
  34. Gold Cattle Bio gives strategic investors the chase
  35. Al-Fajr Information Center Distributes a Video Inciting Jihad in East Turkestan By SI
  36. China’s Muslims Awake to Nexus of Needles and AIDS
  37. XUAR interested in widening of economical cooperation with Almaty
  38. China week in Turkey
  39. the 'place to go' in 2007
  40. Chinese rebuke Harper over diplomatic spat
  41. Wife of man in Chinese prison hopeful PM will get answers
  42. Hazara, Uyghur, Mongol
  43. Hazara dutar, similar to uyghur(interesting)
  44. Hazara photos resemble Uyghurs(Interesting)
  45. Kazakhstan: UNHCR concerned for Chinese Uighur asylum seeker
  46. PM stands up for citizen - Peter Worthington
  47. China : Xinjiang acquired over 1.19 mn tons of new cotton as of Nov
  48. Uyghur Group Added To Kazakh Terror List
  49. Canadian PM raised the Huseyin Celil case when talking to Hu Jintao
  50. PM's push on Celil cheers family
  51. Baosteel Group plans to acquire Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel
  52. FACTBOX-China, India suffer inevitable growing pains
  53. Bringing in Xinjiang’s culture to Malaysia
  54. Quake jolts northwest China's Xinjiang
  55. First large scale of snow envelops northern China
  56. Kyrgyz, Chinese Broadcasting Companies Sign Cooperation Accords
  57. Xinjiang court passes prison term, fines on tax-evading businesses and individuals
  58. UNPO General Secretary Addresses World Uyghur Congress General Assembly
  59. Speech by President of World Uyghur Congress
  60. China: Condemnation Over Sentencing Of Uyghur Activist's Sons
  61. Muslim activist's son sentenced to 7 years in China prison
  62. Stonewalled by India, China looks to Pakistan
  63. Sundance announces competition lineup - a Uyghur related film is on the list
  64. Feedstock a Worry for any Chinese Biodiesel Growth
  65. Angelina Jolie Lesbian Fantasy
  66. Savory Uyghur cuisine comes of age in Rego Park - Arzu Restaurant in NYC
  67. UNHCR Reiterates Concerns Over Kazakhstan's Missing Chinese Uyghur
  68. U.N. says Kazakhstan might have secretly deported Chinese asylum seeker
  69. Exotic cultures
  70. Lawyers Demand Release of Chinese Muslims
  71. 2007 Sundance Film Festival Announces Competitions
  72. Leading Chinese natural gas producer bullish about new production plan
  73. Uighurs held in Guantanamo in 'political deal' with China: lawyers
  74. Lawyers Argue for Chinese at Guantanamo
  75. Over 16 million people Renounce the CCP
  76. China : Wal-Mart in awe of Xinjiang color cotton village
  77. Human-rights activist champions Uyghur cause
  78. Development redefining China's west
  79. The Beijing Olympics and militant groups
  80. Editorial: Lal Masjid’s damage to Pak-China relations
  81. Time to get serious on minority rights in conflicts
  82. Where's the UAA press release condemning the attempted bombings in Great Britain?
  83. Soil erosion deteriorates in Xinjiang, affecting two thirds of national territory
  84. Surprises, change on Islam's borderlands
  85. Resistance is fiscal - report from Kashgar
  86. Pakistan qizil mesjidte yüz bergen quralliq toqunushta 30 din artuq kishi öldi
  87. Cal Thomas under fire for anti-Islamist comments
  88. Xinjiang becomes world's largest colored cotton producer
  89. Uyghur Art Music and the Ambiguities of Chinese Silk Roadism in Xinjiang
  90. Olympics Highlight Human Rights in China
  91. Olympic flame a burning issue for China
  92. China, Taiwan tensions threaten Olympic Games
  93. Analysis: China not changing for Olympics
  94. Activists press China with 'Genocide Olympics' label
  95. An Olympic Reprieve for China's Convicts
  96. The three futures of China
  97. Darfur Activists Prepare For Possible Beijing Olympics Boycott
  98. Pakistan pledges security for Chinese after murders
  99. Kazakh Uighurs feel threat from China
  100. Chinese court rejects appeal of Canadian Muslim jailed for terrorism
  101. Court rejects appeal of convicted Xinjiang terrorist
  102. China rejects appeal of jailed Uighur-Canadian
  103. Celil appeal rejected by Chinese court
  104. Kazakhstan-China pipeline pours four million tons of oil into China
  105. Group says China deporting missionaries
  106. Canadian's appeal summarily dismissed
  107. Olympics won't make us forget Celil
  108. Look East, At Japan, Not china
  109. 'Shadow of the Silk Road': Marking time on a historic route
  110. Urumqi: China’s Economic Hub In Central Asia
  111. Glaciers shrinking at an alarming rate in N-W China
  112. How China Forced Musharraf To Move
  113. Xinjiang becomes world’s largest colored cotton producer
  114. China's Tianshan glaciers shrinking fast: scientist
  115. Saudi Arabian company makes hefty investment in Shihezi
  116. China, Pakistan, and Terrorism
  117. The Moment of Truth: The Uighur Sanction, or, The Squeaky Jesus Gets the Fig
  118. In Floor Speech, Wolf Rails Against Abuses in China
  119. Silenced in China
  120. Legendary lake 'monster' is captured on camera
  121. Beijing’s ‘war on terror’ hides brutal crackdown on Muslims
  122. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party: 24 million
  123. Land O' Lakes Seed Signs 5-Year Sunflower Contract with Xinjiang Condy
  124. Conservative skepticism cools relations with China
  125. "Peace Mission 2007" to tackle "terror" threats
  126. The Death of the Right in the Face of Terrorism
  127. A piece worth to ponder - "My Views on Chinese in XinJiang"
  128. Fast-melting glaciers threaten Indus and Ganges
  129. Exile group condemns Inner Mongolia celebrations
  130. Chinese soldiers heading for anti-terror drill in Russia
  131. Dalai Lama urged to abandon secessionist
  132. Inside Track: Peace Mission 2007
  133. Outside View: Shanghai Pact plans
  134. China completes construction of second highway in Xinjiang desert
  135. China not living up to media freedom pledge
  136. An Uighur women's blog - life of an ordinary Uighur woman living in Kazakhstan
  137. China National Petroleum's Xinjiang-Lanzhou crude pipeline comes online
  138. Testing year ahead, but Beijing says "we're ready!"
  139. Kremlin Saber Rattling Increases Ahead Of Sco Summit
  140. Organising the Caravan Part Two
  141. Kyrgyzstan: Police crackdown on human rights picket
  142. China lauds minority rights on key anniversary
  143. Canada balked at Guantanamo refugees: documents
  144. SCO Summit: Crackdown Highlights Failings on Human Rights
  145. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party: 25 million
  146. Why George Bush’s “Freedom Agenda” Is Here to Stay
  147. SCO exercise 'aimed at suppressing Uighurs'
  148. Peace Mission 2007 - Chinese Military Political Venture in Central Asia
  149. Turks & Uygurs
  150. Uighur apparells
  151. HRIC Statement: Call for Information on Uyghur Writer’s Safety
  152. On the Silk Road Again
  153. China to kick off construction on second West-East gas pipeline in 2008
  154. Fossil dating back to 160 mn years discovered in China
  155. Illegal mapping in China by foreigners on rise
  156. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party: 26 million
  157. Beijing Olympics 'Face Terrorism Threat'
  158. Rebiya Kadeer Meets Supporters in Edinburgh
  159. Xinjiang heroes to carry flame
  160. Experience Ancient Rythms
  161. China Exclusive: Uygur region to see nation's first cultural diversity reserve
  162. Cotton workers in NW China protest over price fixing
  163. China’s Leaders Deadlocked Over Succession
  164. Chinese cotton farmers clash with police at protest over price-fixing, 40 injured
  165. Ten reportedly injured in ethnic clashes in China's Xinjiang
  166. Mass umbrella rally in Hong Kong
  167. India-China war game delayed
  168. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 27 million
  169. Two American Companies and Two Chinese Companies Ordered to Shutdown in Xinjiang
  170. Afghan bridge exposes huge divide
  171. Turkish Consumers’ Union calls for U.S. product boycott
  172. Jailed '93 WTC bomber claims he's now a Christian
  173. China says unrest still a problem in Xinjiang
  174. Bush urges China to meet with Dalai Lama
  175. East Turkestan: Dutch Parliament Petitioned
  176. Enforced loyalty in distant lands (BBC News)
  177. China’s Road into Kyrgyzstan
  178. China, U.S. agree on defense hotline as Gates visits
  179. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 28 million
  180. China's other ethnic cleansing
  181. An upcoming book about Uyghurs: Situating the Uyghurs Between China and Central Asia
  182. Ladies, be careful what you tie your hair with, you might get a sexually transmitted
  183. Xinjiang commies, Xinjiang executions
  184. www.mihr.com new islamic site
  185. Taiwan blocks Chinese WTO judge
  186. Uighur Warning - by Rebiya Kadeer
  187. Crackdown on protests leaves Muslims without a prayer of joining Haj
  188. Darfur rebels spurn Chinese force
  189. China’s African Misadventures
  190. Former Chinese Uighur detainee at Guantanamo reunites with family in Sweden
  191. Beijing Games to make $20-$30 mln profit: official
  192. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party: 29 million
  193. Why China cracked down on my nonprofit
  194. Tibet train carries China troops
  195. China's relocation of rural Tibetans
  196. About Rebiya Kadeer, Japanese TV
  197. China Needs to Change and Become Democratic, says Tiananmen Square Leader
  198. China says glaciers shrink by up to 18 pct
  199. China's largest cotton base expects major output growth
  200. Supporters of Dalai Lama publish world map showing independent Tibet, Turkestan, Mong
  201. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party: 30 million
  202. Ancient Kroran city ruins fall into neglect
  203. In surprise move, China lets Celil meet sister
  204. China Bans Film Censored for Sex Scenes
  205. Refugee Voices: Uighurs in Kyrgyz Republic
  206. UK's Brown urged to press China on human rights
  207. China's publishing industry --- concern about Uyghurs
  208. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 31 million
  209. Is Turkey doing enough in its relations with China?
  210. WUC secretary general Dolken Isa's statement (English subtitled )
  211. China pays atomic blast participants -Xinhua
  212. New railways to link Xinjiang with central Asia
  213. Senior Party official: Xinjiang's stability has national strategic value
  214. Ozawa Ichiro’s foreign affairs and its effect on Uyghurs
  215. FBI chief pleased with Beijing Games security
  216. Support for ex-Guantánamo Uyghur detainee’s Swedish asylum claim
  217. Tea Bag Time: Black Tea
  218. The Fracturing of China? Ethnic Separatism and Political Violence in the Xinjiang
  219. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 32 million
  220. Arrests made in Chinese spying cases
  221. Uyghur Christians Arrested in Xinjiang
  222. Another 90 million-ton reserve found in an East Turkestan Oil Field
  223. Chinese geologists make uranium, coal find in Xinjiang
  224. Beijing defends its right to root out "terrorrism" in Xinjiang
  225. Exiled voice wants Games to cast light on repression
  226. 69.6 mln tons oil reserve added to PetroChina's Kelamayi in 2007
  227. China to build world's largest pipeline
  228. Report: China starts building 2nd cross-country pipeline to import Central Asian gas
  229. China discovers uranium deposit in Xinjiang
  230. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 33 million
  231. Olympic Games terror attack thwarted
  232. A blogger's comment about the recent "terror" plot
  233. The Uyghurs and the Olympics: Will Global Focus on Beijing Bring Attention to Uyghurs
  234. Questions surround Chinese claim of foiled hijacking
  235. China's Muslims Say Charges Are False
  236. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Rebiya Kadeer Debuts in Australia
  237. Guardian (UK) - The Wrong Side of Histroy
  238. Big quake, aftershocks hit China's Xinjiang
  239. Tibet and the other 'national' threats to the Chinese regime
  240. Guardian (UK): China detains people over Xinjiang blast rumours
  241. China's Largest Condensate Gasfield to Come Online Mid-2009
  242. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): 34 million
  243. Petition to help end genocide in Tibet
  244. China's Ethnic Tension Isn't Limited to Tibet
  245. Tensions Widen in China As Police Arrest Uighurs
  246. Rudd's Tibet message angers officials
  247. China faces Muslim resentment in west
  248. Confusion strikes US torch relay
  249. Dalai Lama tells China: I'm no demon
  250. Australian Uighurs sceptical on China terrorism claims